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Dear Ms. Campi:

It’s been a while since we learnt the case was dismissed.

First of all, we want to take this opportunity and express our heartfelt gratitude to you for helping us go through one of the most dark and difficult times in our lives!! We can not thank you enough for your wisdom, skills, patience, and empathy throughout the process!

Susan and I, occasionally with some of our closest friends and family, have talked about how much the successfully concluded case has helped her recovery from all kinds of trauma so far (surgery, detox, mental and physical abuse by the Folsom police and County jail and how much your guidance, encouragement and hard work behind scene have helped in changing and better not only Susan, but also our family’s lives! We are so blessed that God guided us to find a lawyer like you representing Susan!!! We THANK YOU so very much and you will always in our thoughts and prayers.

At the same time, we have never forgotten and will never forget what pure Evil has done through Folsom police had done to Susan on Oct. 25th last year! I believe it is time now to get help and sue the bastards. I understand you only do criminal cases last time we discussed the matter. Has that changed? If not, that’s too bad for us. In the mean time, may you help refer someone you know and trust to us and I would like to start the ball rolling like six months ago.

Again thanks so much for what you have done helping Susan and our family! We hope sometime soon when Susan regains her strength and can consistently getting out of bed without pain to thank you in person.

Best Regards,



Michelle Spalding is a goddess…. she worked very hard and went above and beyond her “call of duty”

Michelle is very professional and the best in my personal option. Michelle managed to get my bogus charges of DV dismissed even before appearing in court. Michelle along with her assistant Sarah are very compassionate and understanding. They were always very quick to responded to any questions that I may of had for them. I felt very comfortable communicating with them as well during this very stressful situation. I actually got a 2% refund back from my bail bond just for retaining her. Michelle’s rates are very reasonable and as much as half of what other defense attorney’s wanted without any promises of success. I am personally highly recommending Michelle to anyone in need of a Great defense attorney ……..


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to start this off by saying Michelle Spaulding is one of the best attorneys that I’ve had and I can say I’ve had a few. What makes her stand out from the rest is how, me as a client, actually felt like I was in good hands, even though I was looking at more years than I am old, I never worried and I know that’s because of Michelle Spaulding. If I had a question she was always there to answer it and if I couldn’t get a hold of her I knew I could leave a message and get a prompt response in return. Unlike a lot of attorneys she set up a certain day of the week that I could call her in case I had any questions or concerns. I feel that Michelle actually cared and really listened when I talked, we were even able to share a couple laughs. I can’t be more satisfied with the results of my case and I would recommend Attorney Michelle Spaulding to any and everyone seeking proper counsel. I would not trust my life in anyone else’s hands.

Thank you, Michelle, I owe you my life. Or at least 38 years of it.

With All Due Respect,

James R. Fitch


Professional, punctual, dedicated and results-driven

My attorneys were incredibly punctual addressing any questions I had or needs that I had to be met. It was kind of a long, arduous process. The results were phenomenal even though the other side was not really playing fair. It was the best possible results, I believe, under the situation. Their professionalism and respect towards their clients was great. Especially my lawyer Patricia Campi.

I was in a relationship with a girl who lied about her age. The district attorney did not like that the girl tried to defend me and take some responsibility for what happened. As a result, the district attorney started seeking prison time. We avoided that. The notes from the psychologist had disappeared from the files even though we turned in multiple copies. There was definitely prosecutor misconduct. It was very stressful.

Patricia kept her calm and was very creative. She was very knowledgeable, even corrected the judge a couple of times. I was impressed that she managed to play fair while the other side didn’t. It was a worst experience of my life, but Patricia put it in a great light. We got a really great result.


Exceptional Service

Thank you Michelle Spaulding for diligently handling my son’s traffic case. Michelle was able to get my son’s vehicle violation reduced from a potential felony/misdemeanor to an infraction. Sarah, Michelle’s assistant, stayed in contact with us every step of the process. We were informed of the court status and were consulted on the information we needed to provide in order to make the legal process run smoothly. I would recommend Michelle Spaulding and her assistant Sarah to anyone who is in need of an excellent legal team who will work hard at giving you the best defense possible. When you call they pick up the phone or get back to you within a reasonable amount of time. Professional, Diligent, Compassionate.

We can’t thank you enough Bravo. God Bless you.


Michelle Spaulding and her assistant helped us conclude a felony traffic issue that the public defender was not following up on. Both Michelle and Sarah were professional, caring, and efficient and got the matter taken care of very quickly. We would recommend them to anyone!


The BEST Criminal Defense Attorney in Sacramento

Lawyers get a bad rap, often for good reason. Michelle Spaulding is the lawyer that will make you change your mind about lawyers. She is incredibly good, supportive, helpful and honest. She will not take your money and run. She will defend you honestly and to the best of her ability. She will listen and give you the best advice for your situation and you will love her.

If you even THINK you need a criminal defense attorney, consult with her and then HIRE her.


Recommendation off the charts for Michelle Lee Spaulding

I am an executive for a fortune 500 company and have worked with many attorneys in my line of business, I then found my self needing an attorney for my child and with great luck we selected Michelle. Her expertise, professionalism and ability to explain the law and what we were facing was so refreshing. Her ability to show compassion and guidance yet battle the DA and judge for what was fair and acceptable. She was always available for questions and either answered the phone or would get right back to us. She knew her stuff and I highly recommend to her anyone in need of a good attorney that is reasonable priced and very honest and loyal.

Thank you Michelle


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