Patricia Campi - Partner

Local Expertise

In the Sacramento and Central Valley Regions, Spaulding & Campi Criminal Attorneys is perhaps the most respected criminal defense law firm. This reputation is largely a consequence of Patricia Campi’s leadership.

Ms.Campi was raised and educated in the Sacramento region. After 20 years of working as a criminal defense attorney, you get to know a lot of people. She knows the judges, she knows the DAs and they respect and admire her tenacity in defending her clients. Every day, her clients benefit from Ms. Campi’s strong connections.

I will be forever grateful to Patricia for her tireless efforts in getting me perhaps one of life’s most rare gifts: a second chance. What is even more amazing is that she achieved these results in a morally and legally clean fashion, while the D.A. and police lied, manipulated others involved, and attempted to influence the court and probation in an unethical and legally questionable fashion. I consider this to be a valuable life lesson. In your darkest hour, Patricia Campi is the person you need to light your path and guide you through the darkness.

– Former Client Andrew H.

Hates to Lose

Patricia always says that she hates to lose. This stubborn work ethic is reflected in wins at trial, negotiated dismissals and set-asides for her happy clients.

  • DUI cases routinely dismissed for technical grounds.
  • DMV Suspension set-asides.
  • Domestic Violence cases fought to acquittal at trial or resolved as minor infractions.
  • Theft cases ultimately dismissed through statement of mitigation.
  • Registerable sex charges resolved without registration or jail.
  • Drug cases diverted to avoid jail and criminal record.
Patricia Campi on the news
Patricia Campi providing her opinion to the media regarding Three Strikes Law.

Treatment Not Punishment

Patricia’s goal is always the complete dismissal of the case. But when this is not possible, Patricia finds alternatives for her clients that allow them to keep their jobs, keep their record clean and stay out of jail. Alternatives may include options such as weekend work furloughs, home monitoring, anger management classes, or alcohol abuse counseling.

Patricia’s underlying belief is that treatment is always more effective than punishment.

It makes absolutely no sense for the system to give jail time to someone who is not a threat to society. Compulsions such as alcohol abuse, anger management or kleptomania are better treated by counseling than incarceration.

That’s why I always get to know about my client’s background and then file a statement of mitigation to show that the behavior was an aberration and that they deserve a break. This strategy is very effective in keeping my client’s records clean.

-Patricia Campi

Extraordinary Case Results


CHARGES 1st degree Robbery + personal use of firearm. D.A.’s best offer was 7 years State Prison.
RESULT After submitting a Statement in Mitigation, PROBATION GRANTED.

CHARGES Misdemeanor Spousal Abuse. D.A.’s best offer was 90 days in County Jail.
RESULT After submitting a Statement in Mitigation to the Court, PROBATION GRANTED with NO JAIL TIME.

CHARGES Misdemeanor Battery re-filed as Felony Assault w/Deadly Weapon w/Great Bodily Injury. State Prison exposure.
RESULT After filing a Motion for Specific Performance of Plea Bargain negotiated prior to re-filing of Complaint, MOTION GRANTED and Defendant placed on PROBATION..

CHARGES Felony Receiving Stolen Property w/ one strike prior. State Prison exposure.
RESULT Romero Motion to strike prior filed. After Court indicated it would deny motion, D.A. agreed to strike prior on first day of trial. PROBATION GRANTED..

CHARGES Felony Assault w/Deadly Weapon and Criminal Threats. State Prison exposure.
RESULT After submitting a Statement in Mitigation, PROBATION GRANTED..

CHARGES Felony Possession of Controlled Substance w/ two strike priors. Exposure 27 years to Life.
RESULT After filing a Romero Motion, Court agreed to strike one prior giving Defendant 4 years..

CHARGES Felony Elder Abuse. D.A.’s best offer 7 years State Prison.
RESULT After submitting a Statement in Mitigation, PROBATION GRANTED..

CHARGES Possession of Concealed/Deadly Weapon w/ two strike priors. Exposure 25 years to Life.
RESULT After filing a Romero Motion, MOTION GRANTED in its entirety w/ Defendant placed on PROBATION..


Professional, punctual, dedicated and results-driven

My attorneys were incredibly punctual addressing any questions I had or needs that I had to be met. It was kind of a long, arduous process. The results were phenomenal even though the other side was not really playing fair. It was the best possible results, I believe, under the situation. Their professionalism and respect towards their clients was great. Especially my lawyer Patricia Campi.

I was in a relationship with a girl who lied about her age. The district attorney did not like that the girl tried to defend me and take some responsibility for what happened. As a result, the district attorney started seeking prison time. We avoided that. The notes from the psychologist had disappeared from the files even though we turned in multiple copies. There was definitely prosecutor misconduct. It was very stressful.

Patricia kept her calm and was very creative. She was very knowledgeable, even corrected the judge a couple of times. I was impressed that she managed to play fair while the other side didn’t. It was a worst experience of my life, but Patricia put it in a great light. We got a really great result.

Reviewer: Drew G. — June 24, 2013