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    Harvard Law Graduate that Fights for Ordinary People

    There is no question that the skill and reputation of your attorney influences how the prosecution will treat you and your case. Therefore, it is a fortunate defendant that has Michelle Spaulding standing beside him or her in a criminal courtroom.

    Michelle is among the elite in the Northern California legal community. With experience in Federal and State courts, she is as comfortable in the courtroom as she is in her own skin. Michelle’s credentials include a law degree from the nations’s top school — Harvard. In addition, she has worked at some of the most prestigious law firms in the country and has taught at Harvard as a Head Teaching Fellow.

    Trained Under the Best in the Profession

    While at Harvard, Michelle studied under the most skilled and knowledgeable lawyers in the business. This includes constitutional law scholar Alan Dershowitz who defended OJ Simpson, Michael Milliken and Mike Tyson. She also learned from Phil Heyman, former Deputy Attorney General under President Clinton and Lawrence Tribe, who was also President Obama’s constitutional law mentor while in law school.

    Winning Cases for Her Clients

    Acquittals come with talent, skill and complex trial experience. This sums up what Michelle Spaulding is all about. Over the years she has tried numerous cases ranging from the smallest misdemeanors to complex felonies. She is also one of the few who can claim a victory in one of the most difficult types of cases to win – a Federal Court Death Penalty Appeal.

    When Ms. Spaulding agrees to take on a case, she gives it her all. Perhaps that is why her clients tell us that they admire her fighting spirit. Her goal, in every case, is the complete dismissal of all charges. She may achieve this result through negotiation, written argument or jury trial.

    Ms. Spaulding says that many dismissals come because of her keen knowledge of pretrial motions that lead to winning cases on legal technicalities.

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    Community Involvement Helping Former Prisoners Gain Employment

    Unlike other legal scholars who prefer to stay behind a desk in a fancy office, Michelle volunteers in the community. She strongly believes that people who have repaid their debt to society deserve a second chance free of discrimination by potential employers. That is why she volunteers with All of Us or None, an organization that helps parolees by holding monthly meetings assisting them with the difficult transition back to society.

    One of their key programs that Michelle works on is called Ban the Box. This program advocates for local cities to drop the check here if you have previously been convicted of a felony box from employment applications. In 2005, because of the group’s intense lobbying efforts, the San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted to stop asking about past felony convictions on applications for public employment.

    Erasing Criminal Records

    Michelle also works with a local group that helps people with expungements and certificates of rehabilitation – legal processes that allow people to erase their criminal records so that they can start with a clean slate. She is one of the founding members of Plan B, an organization that provides affordable sober housing for parolees.


    Michelle Spaulding Avvo Award 2017

    Michelle Spaulding Avvo Award 2018


    Recommendation off the charts for Michelle Lee Spaulding

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I would like to start this off by saying Michelle Spaulding is one of the best attorneys that I’ve had and I can say I’ve had a few. What makes her stand out from the rest is how, me as a client, actually felt like I was in good hands, even though I was looking at more years than I am old, I never worried and I know that’s because of Michelle Spaulding. If I had a question she was always there to answer it and if I couldn’t get a hold of her I knew I could leave a message and get a prompt response in return. Unlike a lot of attorneys she set up a certain day of the week that I could call her in case I had any questions or concerns. I feel that Michelle actually cared and really listened when I talked, we were even able to share a couple laughs. I can’t be more satisfied with the results of my case and I would recommend Attorney Michelle Spaulding to any and everyone seeking proper counsel. I would not trust my life in anyone else’s hands.

    Thank you, Michelle, I owe you my life. Or at least 38 years of it.

    With All Due Respect,

    James R. Fitch

    Reviewer: James R. Fitch — January 25, 2011