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    Our Woodland office is conveniently located off Court Street near both the old and new courthouses.

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    We answer our phone 24/7 and also offer evening and weekend consultations by request.

    Woodland Criminal Defense Frequently Asked Questions

    What Law Enforcement Agencies Are Authorized to Make Arrests in Woodland, Davis and throughout Yolo County?

    There are several law enforcement agencies that operate in Yolo County, any one of which are authorized to make arrests for violations of the law. These include local police agencies, the county sheriff’s office, and state police. In general:

    • The four municipal police departments for the incorporated cities – West Sacramento, Woodland Police Department, Winters Police Department, and Davis Police Department – will investigate allegations of criminal activity that takes place within the limits of their respective cities.
    • The Yolo County Sheriff’s Office will generally investigate crimes that occur within the limits of Yolo County but outside a city’s limits.
    • The California Highway Patrol will generally investigate traffic offenses and related crimes that occur along the state highways that run through Yolo County.

    Each of these agencies (as well as other state and federal law enforcement agencies) may cooperate with and assist one another on any given case, so the agency that arrests you may not be the agency that has primary jurisdiction over your case or that initially responded to the incident

    My Loved One Has Been Arrested in Yolo County. Where is He or She Housed After Being Arrested?

    When your loved one is arrested for a crime in Yolo County, he or she will be taken to the Monroe Detention Center, located at 140 Tony Diaz Drive in Woodland. This facility houses not only those individuals who have been arrested and who have not bonded out of jail but also those individuals who are sentenced to a term of confinement in the local county jail. Visiting hours for the facility depend on the classification of the inmate: however, all visitation must be by appointment. You can call 530-668-5245 to make a visitation appointment.

    Yolo County is also home to the Walter J. Leinberger Memorial Center, but this facility houses those individuals who are serving a sentence through a work release program. In situations where the Monroe Detention Center is full, the Leinberger Memorial Center can be used to house traditional inmates as well.

    Finally, there is also a Juvenile Detention Facility that houses high-risk juveniles charged with crimes or those juveniles that had been placed on probation and who then violate the terms of that probation. The facility is located at 2880 E. Gibson Road in Woodland.

    How Can I Bail My Loved One Out of Jail in Yolo County?

    In some cases, your loved one may be released from jail after an arrest on his or her own recognizance and promise to appear in court when summoned. Please note that if he or she fails to appear in court when ordered, or commits a new crime following release, a warrant will be issued for arrest.

    Otherwise, you may have to post bond or submit a bail bond to secure your loved one’s release. If the bond is low enough, you may be able to pay the bond amount in cash or with a secured method of payment such as a cashier’s check, certified check, or money order. Payment can be tendered to the Yolo County Sheriff’s Office.

    If you cannot pay the bond in this manner, you will need to obtain a bail bond from a bail bond company that is approved to conduct business in Yolo County and with the Superior Court of Yolo County. You typically must deposit a certain percentage of the total bond with the bail bond company (i.e., if your loved one’s bond is $10,000 you may have to deposit $1,000 with the bail bond company) or post some form of collateral before the bail bond company will agree to post bail for your loved one.

    Spaulding & Campi Criminal Attorneys has professional working relationships with several bail bond companies throughout California. We may be able to assist you in obtaining a bail bond for you or your loved one at a discounted rate.

    If I was arrested in Davis, Woodland or elsewhere in Yolo County, where will my case be heard?

    Traffic, misdemeanor, and felony cases will typically be heard and decided at the Superior Court of Yolo County located in the new courthouse at 1000 Main Street in Woodland. The Clerk of the Superior Court, whose office is open from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, can assist you in accessing records in your case, can accept documents for filing, and provide you with information on when and before what judge your next hearing will be. The Clerk, however, cannot provide you with any legal advice or tell you what actions you should or should not take in your case.

    As is true in any courthouse in California, there are certain rules that you are expected to follow when you come to court. These include:

    • Entering the courtroom quietly and quickly finding a seat until your case is called;
    • Removing any hats or head coverings you may have (except those head coverings worn for religious reasons);
    • Speaking quietly and not interrupting any other cases that are being heard;
    • If you must bring your infant or young child with you to court, please be courteous and remove yourself from the courtroom if your child begins to yell or act out so as not to disrupt any other case that may be going on at the moment.

    You should also address the court and court personnel in a polite and professional manner and obey the reasonable directions of court security staff. Do not discuss the facts of your case with anyone else present – including the judge – if you are represented by an attorney and your attorney is not physically present with you.

    What Records are Available Online in Yolo County?

    No, the Superior Court of Yolo County does not offer any online access to court records through its website. If you desire to look at your case file or documents that have been filed in your case, you will need to visit the Clerk of the Court to arrange such a viewing. You can, however, obtain access to the court’s calendar online.

    If you are a client of Spaulding & Campi Criminal Attorneys, just give us a call and we’ll take care of the case research for you.