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    Our downtown Sacramento office is conveniently located directly across the street from the Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse.

    Spaulding & Campi Criminal Attorneys
    901 H Street, #200
    Sacramento, CA 95814
    United States
    Phone: (916) 330-4505
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    Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

    We answer our phone 24/7 and also offer evening and weekend consultations by request.

    Directions From the South

    Take the I-80 E towards Sacramento.
    Keep left to take I-80 Bus E/US-50 E/Capital City Fwy E toward US-50/Sacramento/South Lake Tahoe/Capital City Fwy.
    Merge onto I-5 N via EXIT 4A toward Redding/CA-99.
    Take the J Street exit, EXIT 519B, toward Downtown.
    Turn slight right onto J St.
    Turn left onto 8th St.
    Turn right onto H St.

    Where are criminal cases held in Sacramento County?

    There are three courthouses that handle cases when an arrest was made in Sacramento County. They are:

    • Downtown Sacramento: The Gordon D. Schaber Courthouse, located at 720 9th Street in Sacramento handles felony, misdemeanor trials and DUI cases. Spaulding & Campi’s Sacramento office is located across the street from the courthouse.
    • Carol Miller Justice Center, at 301 Bicentennial Circle, Sacramento handles traffic cases.
    • Lorenzo Patino Hall of Justice, at 651 I Street, Sacramento. This courthouse is also known as the ‘jail court’, because all cases where the defendant is in custody are heard here. This courthouse also houses the Domestic Violence courts.
    • Juvenile Courthouse located at 9605 Kiefer Boulevard in Sacramento handles juvenile proceedings.

    If you need to attend court, your attorney will tell you which courtroom or department your case is in and advise you whether or not you need to be there.

    Do I have to attend court, or can my attorney go for me?

    A big advantage to retaining an attorney to represent you is that they can attend court for you and you can avoid going. In all misdemeanor cases, except those involving domestic violence, your attorney can go to court for you. This includes many different kinds of charges such as petty theft cases and some drug offenses.

    In felony cases, however, you will have to go to court with your attorney as well as any time that the judge orders your attendance after your attorney has made their initial appearance.

    Can I Change my Court Date?

    You should always plan to attend your court date. If you do not attend, you can be changed with an additional crime called failure to appear and a bench warrant may be issued against you. In addition, you may have to forfeit your bail bond which is the amount that the bond company paid on your behalf. If you hired an attorney to represent you, then your attorney can sometimes appear for you. You attorney may also be able to request a continuance to reschedule the court date.

    Can I look up the Sacramento court calendar online?

    Unfortunately, the full court calendar is not available online; however, you can check the daily trial calendar online which is posted daily.

    If you would like more information about upcoming cases, you can contact the criminal division of the relevant courthouse, as follows:

    • Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse, 916-874-5744.
    • Carol Miller Justice Center, 916-875-7800 (traffic matters).
    • Lorenzo Patino Hall of Justice, 916-874-6936.

    And finally, if you’ve hired Spaulding & Campi Criminal Attorneys, you don’t need to worry about when your upcoming court dates are – we will keep you fully informed and give you plenty of notice as to when you need to come to court.

    Can I bring a family member with me to court?

    Yes, visitors are welcome, but please be sure to observe the court’s rules.

    • Enter the courtroom quickly and take a seat quietly.
    • While in the courtroom, please observe the following rules:
    • No talking.
    • No rustling of papers.
    • Hats must not be worn.
    • Cell phones and/or pagers are to be turned off.
    • Please remain seated with no excessive movements in your seats.
    • If the judge requires it, you must remain in the courtroom until a recess is called for.
    • No food or drink is permitted in the courtroom.
    • Jurors are not allowed to discuss the case. Do not approach them, ask them questions regarding the case, or discuss any other matter related to the trial.

    Where are the jails in Sacramento?

    There are two jails in Sacramento:

    • The Sacramento County Main Jail
    • The Rio Cosumnes Correctional Center (the RCCC)

    They are both under the control of the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

    The Main Jail is located at 651 I Street, in downtown Sacramento. It is where all people, both male and female, are initially received and processed. They will remain there until they post bail or are released on their own recognizance, or while waiting to appear for their arraignment or trial. All pre-trial detainees are meant to be held at this jail, but because of Federal rules limiting the population of the Main Jail, increasing numbers of pre-trial detainees are being held at the RCCC.

    The RCCC is at 12500 Bruceville Road in Elk Grove. All inmates who are serving a county jail sentence are held here, as well as some pre-trial detainees when the population at the Main Jail gets too high.

    How do I visit someone in jail in Sacramento?

    You do not need to book a visit in advance to see an inmate in jail in Sacramento. Rather, you will be required to arrive during the registration period, before visiting hours, in order to register for your visit. If you need to know where an inmate is being held, you can find inmate information online through the Sheriff’s Department website.

    At the Main Jail, visits are registered on a first come, first served basis, during set visiting times. Further, each inmate is only allowed 2 or 3 social visits per week. This means that you should arrive early for your visit, to allow plenty of time to register and go through security. The visiting times are listed on the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department website, here. Keep in mind that weekends are very busy, so it is best to visit during the week if possible.

    At the RCCC, there are specific registration and visiting times for each facility within the jail. There are also specific times set aside for specific groups of inmates, such as those held in protective custody or psychiatric housing. The list of times are available on the Sheriff’s Department website.

    At any jail, there are strict rules concerning what you can wear while visiting an inmate, and what items you are allowed and not allowed to take into the jail. Certain people – such as people who has recently been released from jail or prison – are not allowed to visit inmates at all. You need to be familiar with these rules before you go for a visit, otherwise you might be prevented from seeing the inmate at all.

    How do I help my friend or relative bail out in Sacramento?

    Your friend or relative’s bail will be set either when they are booked at the police station, or after they have appeared before a judge. For them to be able to bail out, a bond needs to be paid before they are released. If Spaulding & Campi Criminal Attorneys are representing you, our Sacramento office is right next to a bail bonds company that we work closely with.

    or your friend or relative, we will refer you to a bail bonds company that we regularly work with and that offers a discount to our clients. In fact
    If the accused person owns a home or property, or if the person posting bond for them does, a property bond may be available. This can mean that no cash bond needs to be paid. To see if you, or your friend or relative, are eligible for a property bond, ask your attorney for more details.

    To post bail, you need to attend the Sacramento County Mail Jail. The Jail cashier’s office is open all day, every day, except between 6am and 8am, and 6pm and 8pm. The cashier’s office will accept cash bail, cashier’s checks, and bail bonds.

    Can I look up my Sacramento criminal record online?

    You cannot find your official criminal record online. You can, for a small fee, search the court’s Sacramento County Public Case Access System, to find some information about criminal cases online. You can also attend the Criminal Records Unit, in Room 101 at the Gordon D. Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse, to view or obtain copies of a criminal file. You must present picture ID and, if the case has been filed off site, you might have to wait 3-5 days for the file to be delivered to the courthouse.

    If you need a copy of your full and complete criminal record, such as for expungement proceedings, you will need to apply for an official copy from the California Department of Justice. This requires fingerprinting at an accredited livescan facility, and you then submit a form and the appropriate fee. More information can be found on the Department of Justice website.