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    How can you be accused of probation violation in Sacramento?

    When your original case was resolved, you may have been granted probation instead of jail time. Probation usually includes certain requirements which must be met or you will be in violation of your probation. People can violate their probation when they:

    • Fail to pay a fine or make restitution in a timely manner
    • Fail to appear for the court date
    • Fail to contact the probation officer
    • Get arrested for a new crime
    • Fail a drug test

    Probation Revocation Hearing

    If you violate your probation, you will have to attend a probation revocation hearing. The standards at this hearing, unlike a trial, are very strict. However, you do have the right to have an attorney represent you at the hearing.

    Even if you are found to be in violation of your probation, the judge has wide discretion to:

    • revoke your probation
    • modify your probation terms
    • reinstate the existing probation

    At your probation revocation hearing, we will make the argument to reinstate your probation and afford you a second chance. Based on our arguments and proposals, the judge may choose to modify the terms of your probation by, for instance, requiring you to attend anger management or substance abuse classes, require that you perform community service, or extend the probation. However, it is also possible that the judge will reinstate your original terms of probation allowing you to continue on as if the probation was not violated.

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