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    Marijuana Sales, Cultivation and other Felonies

    California law has recently legalized medicinal marijuana and has lessened the penalties for minor possession so that it’s a simple infraction. However, many people are surprised to hear how strictly California enforces other marijuana related crimes. Sales and many other marijuana crimes are prosecuted as a serious felony.

    These marijuana crimes are considered to be felonies:

    • Possession of marijuana with intent to sell
    • Cultivation of marijuana
    • Sale, transportation, or distribution of marijuana of more than one ounce
    • Sale or distribution of marijuana to a minor
    • Employing a minor to carry, transport, or sell marijuana
    • Possession of concentrated cannabis
    • Maintaining, renting, leasing, or making available a place to grow, harvest, cultivate, store, or distribute marijuana

    If you have been arrested on felony marijuana charges, you will face large fines and lengthy prison sentences of up to 7 years. The severity will depend on factors such as the amount of marijuana involved and the age of the buyer. These sentences are just guidelines and at Spaulding Campi, we will fight for a dismissal or acquittal so that you can avoid any jail time.

    Possible Defenses in a Marijuana Sales Case

    • You have a medical marijuana license
    • You are a primary caregiver and gave marijuana to a medical marijuana patient
    • You gave it away and didn’t sell it
    • Entrapment by the police
    • Illegal search and seizure of marijuana

    Formal Probation as a Jail Alternative

    If you are charged with marijuana sales, you are unfortunately not eligible for California’s diversion programs. However, you may be eligible for formal probation which can dramatically reduce jail time by requiring that you submit to certain requirements such as regular drug testing, counseling and community service.

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