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    How do I choose a attorney who handles federal crimes?

    A crime committed in California is considered to be a federal crime if it either

    • violates U.S. federal law, or
    • is committed on federally owned property, such as national parks, government buildings, courts, and airports.

    Federal crimes are generally investigated by a federal law enforcement agency such as the FBI, DEA, or ICE. Federal crimes are usually prosecuted more harshly than state crimes and a conviction — if not properly defended by an experienced federal criminal attorney — can result in significant fines and prison time.

    The federal court system and federal criminal laws are completely different than California state court laws. Not all criminal attorneys are even eligible to represent clients in federal court and it’s important that people choosing a federal criminal attorney select an attorney who has the licensing, experience and skills to succeed at this high level.

    Common Federal Court Crimes

    • Drug Trafficking
    • Bank Robbery
    • Child Pornography
    • Internet Fraud
    • Mail Fraud
    • Securities Fraud
    • Counterfeiting and Forgery
    • Money Laundering
    • Organized Crime
    • Tax violations

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