Brandon Leibrock - Attorney of Counsel

Former Police Officer Now on Your Side

With the ultimate combination of experience for a defense attorney, it is no surprise that Brandon Leibrock gets outstanding results for Spaulding & Campi clients. Before becoming a defense attorney, Mr. Leibrock worked both as a police officer detective and with the Office of the Sacramento District Attorney while in law school.  Hiring an attorney who understands how the other side works and knows how to use this knowledge to his client’s advantage can make the difference between a conviction and a dismissal.

Brandon’s background benefits Spaulding & Campi clients in many ways. As a police officer, he went through extensive specialized training which taught him how the police are supposed to conduct investigations. He also knows that, in real life, the police often don’t do things exactly as they are trained to do.  He is able to show errors to the jury and call into question the reliability of the police investigation to benefit his client’s case.

Getting Charges Dropped at the Pre-file Stage

When Spaulding & Campi takes on a case that’s in the pre-file stages when no charges have yet been filed, Mr. Leibrock anticipates how the police will conduct their investigation and knows how to advise his clients to avoid traps. In one case, Mr. Leibrock defended a client whose jilted ex-girlfriend worked for a local law enforcement agency and used her connections to fabricate a rape allegation against his client. By getting involved early and conducting a thorough investigation Mr. Leibrock was able to make his case to the district attorney and ultimately prevented any charges from being filed against his client.

When he and the firm are preparing for trial, Mr. Leibrock’s years of working with the police and prosecution gives the legal team the insight to poke holes in the state’s case until it crumbles.

Whether defending a first time DUI, a domestic violence case or a serious gang or murder case, Mr. Leibrock understands that his role as a defense attorney is to fight for his clients regardless of the circumstances. His goal in all cases is a dismissal of all charges or an acquittal at trial.

Sacramento Area Local Knowledge

When facing criminal charges, it’s critical to have a well-connected attorney on your side. Brandon Leibrock was born and raised in the Sacramento area, educated in the Sacramento area and knows most everyone connected with the criminal justice system in Sacramento and the surrounding counties.  He is a member of the Sacramento County Bar Association and the Capitol City Trial Lawyers Association.  He knows the police, the district attorneys, bailiffs and the judges.  He is also involved with the California state government as a board member of the California Civil Service Board, an influential government regulatory body tasked with insuring that government employees are treated fairly and given due process in the event of discipline.

My background working with the police, district attorney and with the Civil Service Board led me to become a defense attorney. I saw firsthand how the justice system is biased.  I saw situations where people were improperly arrested, treated unfairly, and had their rights violated. As a defense attorney, I have the opportunity to fight for my clients to insure that they get a fair outcome and a second chance.
-Brandon Leibrock

DUI Expert

As a police officer Mr. Leibrock was trained as a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) instructor by the California Highway Patrol.  This training is not usually available to defense attorneys and it gives Spaulding & Campi clients an advantage since he knows how to challenge improper arrests when any of these procedures required after a DUI arrest are not followed to the letter.

  • Illegal Traffic Stops: If the police lacked justification for the traffic stop, then any evidence collected after the illegal stop is inadmissible and Mr. Leibrock will fight to exclude it.
  • Misconduct in Field Sobriety Tests: These tests must follow the NHTSA guidelines, a specific protocol that Mr. Leibrock studied.  When law enforcement officers fail to consider extenuating circumstances such as driver fatigue or medical conditions such as GERD, Mr. Leibrock will use these facts to his client’s advantage.

Firearms and Weapons Related Cases

As an avid firearms collector and gun enthusiast, Mr. Leibrock is a strong believer in 2nd Amendment rights and is a life member of the National Rifle Association. He is also a POST Certified Firearms Instructor, teaches CCW Concealed Carry classes and is a Patrol Rifle Instructor.  Brandon’s expertise with firearms gives him an advantage when defending clients accused of weapons related charges.
In his spare time, he enjoys target shooting and hunting.
  • Life Member of the NRA
  • Member of the Firearms Policy Coalition
  • California DUI Lawyers Association Member
  • Sacramento County Bar Association Member
  • Capital City Trial Lawyers Association Member



Mr. Leibrock was very helpful in many of my issues. His professionalism is awesome. He was always available when I needed him. He followed through with my case very well. He is still to this day here for me. I trust him 100%. I know you will have excellent results with Mr. Leibrock. His staff is awesome too. I have nothing bad to say at all.

Reviewer: Harlan H. — May 2, 2016