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DUIs are Always Worth Defending

Clients who were recently arrested for drunk driving also known as DUI or Driving Under the Influence in the Sacramento area often come to us with incorrect assumptions. They realize that they’ve made a mistake, but incorrectly believe that they need to face the consequences. They are likely unfamiliar with the criminal court system and may incorrectly assume that a DUI charge is a slap on the wrist – similar to a speeding ticket which falls off a record after a number of years.

If you who don’t fight your DUI, you are almost certain to get the standard outcome which for a first time offense includes stiff fines, increased insurance rates and a lifetime criminal record which will affect future employment background checks. Police make mistakes and these cases can and should be vigorously defended.

– Patricia Campi, Sacramento DUI Attorney

DUI Defense Strategies

  • Challenge validity of field sobriety tests
  • Mis-Calibrated breathlyzers
  • Illegal stops by police
  • Improper arrest of non-driver
  • Use of private lab to retest blood sample and discover errors
  • Illegal DUI checkpoints
  • Reduction to wet reckless
  • Incorrect blood alcohol level due to acid reflux syndrom or diabetes
  • DUI Defense is a Specialized Field

    DUI law in Sacramento is a specialized field and an effective defense requires an attorney who understands the nuances of DUI law. Ms. Spaulding, a Harvard educated defense attorney, is among a select group of Sacramento DUI attorneys who has successfully completed the official NHTSA (National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration) certification program.

    Attorney Spaulding is certified by the NHTSA as a Field Sobriety Test Provider
    Attorney Spaulding is certified by the NHTSA as a Field Sobriety Test Provider

    Ms. Spaulding has used this inside knowledge to successfully challenge the validity of the field sobriety tests conducted by the police. Ms. Spaulding is also a long time member of the California DUI Lawyers Association which provides specialized education to DUI attorneys. Both Ms. Spaulding and Ms. Campi have successfully beat the odds in these cases for many years.

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