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We Recommend Involvement at the Earliest Possible Stage – Including During Investigation

In the Sacramento Area and throughout California, we believe that there is a witch hunt mentality concerning sex offenses and the possession of child pornography in particular. At Spaulding Campi, we do not want you to become a victim of this hysteria. We believe in vigorously defending accusations regarding child pornography and in helping to protect clients from the harsh consequences of the current laws. This means that we get involved with the case at the earliest possible stage — negotiating with the authorities when appropriate and fighting to protect and preserve your reputation.

Internet Sting Operations

Many of these cases are a result of internet sting operations conducted by undercover officers who pose as children in chat rooms. Another common scenario involves people who use peer-to-peer file sharing services, and download pornographic images not realizing that the images are of minors. The situation is further complicated when they inadvertently share files in addition to downloading them — exposing them to distribution of child pornography charges in addition to possession.

The penalties for possession and distribution of child pornography are shockingly severe and also include lifetime sex crime registration.

Defenses in a Child Pornography Case

The attorneys at Spaulding Campi have expertise in fighting these charges. Some possible defenses include:

  • You were entrapped under California entrapment law
  • You didn’t act knowingly or with the required intent
  • You were falsely accused – someone else used the computer
  • Evidence against you was obtained through an illegal search and seizure
  • You have a psychological addiction

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